Welcome to a new world of excellence.

Bienvenue dans un nouveau monde d'excellence !

Great Southern equipment history begins with that of are creator in 1986, when he created his first company of saddlery and tapestry in the center of the France. Very quickly it will be recognized for the quality of its work and for the exclelence of its services.
Our skills have no limits, challenges us passionate, ingenuity, technical difficulties, and innovation are our stomping ground.

BOATS int. & Ext

The marine environment is synonymous with prestige and refinement.
That we take to take very seriously the request of our customers working on good project think and with an attention to detail absolut.
Nothing is done randomly or in a rush. Our goal as you greater and better yet, surprise you with our knowledge make our ingenuity, our imagination and our attention to detail.


The pool. A magical and relaxing in your environment place private.
What of more pleasant than a pool with nice outside seating and agencies.
The furniture that surrounds your pool is of crucial importance and plays an important role in your well-being.
We contribute by offering functional, original furniture and great qualities.
Also we offer the confections of cushions and mattresses of bath that will give back the shine has your furniture, gazebo, and bed bath.


We have started our activity by the automotive upholstery and repair of seats of bus in 1986. That is the experience we have in this area. We are able to bring you all the quality and the necessary responsiveness to your needs. We are conscious of the indispensable nature of your vehicle or your work tools. Daily account and we make every effort to minimize your capital.
We do also soils bus and car in carpet and vinyl tile.

SOFA, seats & head of bed

We realize the padding and the upholstery of your armchairs and sofas in fabric, faux leather and natural leather.
We make the manufacturing of seats, chairs and camapes on measurement, headboard, dimpling of doors and panels mureaux tense tissue or capitones.
We are listening and are at your side to study your project and you offer a quality and original work that materials for a long time and you will give you a great feeling of comfort and well-being.


Blinds has banne manual or motorized. Fixed awnings. Ocultant, net curtains. All that you nescessitez for the equipment of your House and your comfort.
All our products are quality optimal and guaranteed factory.
We are able to bring you all the solutions and technology modern exciting market.
We work tirelessly for your satisfaction and well-being.


Professional furniture is submitted has strained. That is why we have chosen the materials most require answering current vigeures standards.
We make all your furniture location study.
Standard or custom manufacturing, we will be able to answer all your expectations and requirements a.


Our vision

Quality, innovation and service excellence are our only motivation.


N'hesitez pas a prendre contact avec nous. Quelque soit votre projet ou vos besoin, nous trouverons la solution la mieu adaptee et la plus originale possible dans le respect de votre budget.
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